There are a number of financial strategies for funding your child’s or children’s school fees and each has their own merits based on your current situation now. How old is your child? When do you want them to start private education? How much does it currently cost per term? When do you anticipate their education ending?

Although there are no specific tax reliefs available to you for paying for private education, we can often use a number of your own personal tax allowances thus making any school fees planning as tax efficient as possible. The sort of tax reliefs and allowances we use include your:
Personal Allowance;
Capital Gains Tax Allowance;
ISA Allowance;
Pension Contribution Allowance.

We will also discuss with you and advise on the level of risk that you are prepared to take to ensure that you can continue to fund your child’s education throughout their formative years. We do this by limiting or exposing you to investment risk whilst ensuring that your future income/ability to work is protected too.

If you wold like to discuss your child’s school fees planning with one of our experts then please call us on 0800 6342 111 or complete the form opposite and we will contact you accordingly.