School fees planning

School fees planning

Considering a private education?

If you’re looking at private school options for your child, there are a number of financial strategies for funding the fees involved.


How does school fee planning work?

Although there are no specific tax reliefs available to you for private education, we can use a number of your own personal tax allowances, which makes paying school fees as tax efficient as possible.

Personal tax allowances include:

  • Personal Allowance
  • Capital Gains Tax Allowance
  • ISA Allowance
  • Pension Contribution Allowance


How we can help:

We'll help you budget and plan the investment needed to fund your child’s private education, as well as looking at your long-term funding plans.

We can advise on the level of risk that you are prepared to take to ensure that you can continue to fund your child’s education throughout their formative years. By either limiting or exposing you to investment risk, you can ensure that your future income/ability to work will be protected.


How much will school fees cost?

To get an estimate of how much money you’ll need to invest to fund your child’s education, our school fees calculator gives you a quick and easy calculation.

Estimated annual school fees (insert today’s value)


Number of years until child’s education starts


Total number of years child will be in education


Expected rate of return (growth/interest rate - e.g. 5.0)


Required Amount: (fixed monthly investment)



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