Capital Gains Tax Planning

Capital Gains Tax planning

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay when you dispose of a “chargeable asset”, like a property, a business, or shares.

This includes most personal possessions worth more than £6,000 (cars not included), business assets, property that is not your main home and shares held outside an ISA. Gifts to a spouse, civil partner or charity are typically exempt from Capital Gains Tax.


How does Capital Gains Tax work?

You only have to pay Capital Gains Tax on your total gains above the annual tax-free allowance, which is £6,000 for individuals and £3,000 for trustees.

The current Capital Gains Tax rates are 18% or 28% for basic and higher/additional rate taxpayers respectively.

However, relief is widely available to mitigate your tax liability. By seeking Capital Gains Tax advice, you can meet your liabilities in the most tax-efficient way – assessing its potential impact, planning accordingly, and reducing any payments where possible.


How we can help:

  • Capital Gains Tax advice tailored to your individual circumstances
  • Calculating your potential Capital Gains Tax liability
  • Advising on the relevant Capital Gains Tax rates
  • Checking your eligibility for relief through allowances and exemptions
  • Advising on the transfer of assets (e.g., between spouses)
  • Advising you on the potential tax implications of future transactions


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