Modern medical care, living conditions and health awareness mean that we now live longer, healthier lives. This can make an unexpected death all the more shocking.

Family, friends and colleagues are all impacted by the premature death of someone they know and love. The death of a breadwinner in particular can have far-reaching consequences for the immediate family.

The peace of mind of knowing that dependants will be provided for in the event of early death is one of the simplest but most highly valued benefits available to employees.

For employers Group Life Insurance provides the following benefits:

  • A highly valued benefit package through a simple, flexible and cost-effective policy.
  • Part of a complete and attractive benefits package helping to recruit and retain high calibre staff.

For employees, Group Life Insurance provides the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind knowing that a provision has been made for dependants.
  • A lump sum and / or an ongoing pension option to cover some of a dependant's most significant costs. The lump sum can be up to 12 times salary (5 times salary if a dependant's pension exists). The maximum dependant's pension benefit is 50% of salary.
  • An immediate lump sum that is normally free of Inheritance Tax and paid out quickly as it is provided under a discretionary trust.

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