People’s awareness of health and wellbeing is on the increase thanks, in part, to the constant media coverage of all elements of wellness, from fitness to ill-health. With one in four people suffering from a critical illness between the ages of 30 and 60* there has never been a better time to consider Group Critical Illness as an attractive and recognised employee benefit.

Fortunately, the chances of surviving a critical illness have never been better but survival creates its own set of challenges for employers and employees.

For employers Group Critical Illness Insurance provides the following 

  • An affordable employee benefit. Cover can be put in place simply and quickly for as little as £750 (minimum 
  • Provides part of an attractive benefits package helping to recruit and retain high calibre 
  • Helps minimise the pressure on the employer around how to provide financial support for those employees absent from work after suffering a critical 
  • Product flexibility as standard. Cover can be tailored to suit your needs and your 
  • Can be offered as standalone cover, or as part of your existing Voluntary or Flexible Benefits schemes

For employees Group Critical Illness Insurance provides the following 

  • Financial security, through a tax-free lump sum payment, when they face a critical 
  • Provides peace of mind in times of uncertainty and worry, helping employees and their families adjust and look forward to the 
  • Ability to fund necessary adaptations at home such as wheelchair access or a 
  • Ability to pay for private medical treatment to facilitate a return to work.

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