While bridging finance is not the cheapest way to borrow money, it is one of the quickest. With our historic ties with various bridging finance lenders means that we can assist you to secure the best deal at the best price with the most suitable terms for the project you are undertaking.

Typical projects that we have helped our client's finance in the short term include:

  • Bridging finance for property auctions.
  • Bridging finance for fast completions.
  • Property finance for property development loans.
  • Bridging loans for property conversions and refurbishment.
  • Bridging loans for buy to let properties.
  • Bridging loans to break mortgage chains.
  • Bridging loans to raise working capital.

If you are in need of Bridging Finance or you are unsure if this is the right style of lending for you, then please call us on 0800 6342 111 for a free and confidential discussion.