Whether you are looking to begin saving for the first time or have already accumulated a portfolio of investments, we are well placed to advise you and manage your wealth. We use Modern Portfolio Theory to create an allocation of different types of assets. This enables us to establish a suitable investment strategy whatever your attitude to investment risk is.

We have invested significantly in sophisticated technology to help reduce your cost of access to funds from all the leading fund manager groups. We also use our technology to monitor your investments and make ongoing recommendations to your investment portfolio as we see fit.

We are keen to make your portfolio as tax efficient as possible and use wrappers such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Onshore and Offshore Bonds where relevant. We can also include products such as National Savings and Structured Products, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs).

If you are looking to establish a portfolio outside of your estate, we can use the wide range of different trusts available. If you are already a Trustee responsible for the investment of an existing fund then we can provide you with advice relating to the investment of the Trust property.

To discuss your savings and investments in more detail, please call the office on 0800 6342 111

Retirement can be an exciting stage in your life. It’s all about fulfilling wishes and enjoying life - not worrying about finances, so it’s important to plan as far ahead as you can. Our retirement planning service helps to prepare you for the changes in your lifestyle, as well as working out how you will replace your earned income and maintain your standard of living during retirement.

By helping you to understand the different options available and recommending the products most suitable for you, our Retirement Planning experts will give you the confidence to make the right decisions about your retirement income, saving you time and worry.

We put together a plan which is achievable, combining your retirement goals with what is financially affordable, to help you enjoy a comfortable standard of living during retirement.

Being independent financial advisors, we look at the entire spectrum of options available, including:

Pensions; Lifetime Annuities, Medically Underwritten Annuities, the Open Market Option and many of the alternatives such as; Capped Drawdown, Flexible Drawdown and Temporary Annuities.

Investments; Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), Deposit Accounts, Investment Bonds, Collectives, Premium Bonds

Estate Planning – we will give advice on Trust planning, wherever we spot the chance to help preserve your estate for future generations

 To discuss your requirements with one of our experts, please complete the form opposite or call the office today on 0800 6342 111

Sometimes, a mortgage liability is a key component of your financial planning which is why we include it in your financial plan.

We can advise you on methods of early repayment, a lower interest rate, extra borrowing and so on. We recognise that it is a specialist area of financial planning, so we have a dedicated mortgage advice expert in house in addition to a dedicated Mortgage Advice of the website.

To discuss you own mortgage requirements, please call us on 0800 6342 111

The government collects approaching £3 billion in Inheritance Tax (IHT) each year. In doing so, it could deprive your loved ones of your hard-earned wealth. Your estate, that’s everything you own, above £325,000 (the Nil Rate Band threshold) is subject to tax at 40%.

£325,000 is not much and that’s before you take into account the value of your car, savings, investments and belongings. So if, for example, as a married or Civil Partnership couple your joint estate is worth £800,000, tax of £60,000 will have to be paid. Working with you, we will help you to take the necessary steps so that you pay as little tax as possible by using the full range of personal exemptions and reliefs that are available.

It’s not just the uncertainties of life, or dying without a Will, or the IHT trap, there are other threats that you and your wealth may face. For instance, the challenges and costs of living longer, the impact of broken marriages and Civil Partnerships, or unmarried relationships and poor relationships with children and step-children can all lead to your preferred beneficiaries receiving less than you would like.

Whatever your age and circumstances, we will help you to establish exactly what you want to happen – and for whom – after your death. Don’t leave it to chance. Start the process now. Without effective estate planning and the right will in place your wealth and family are at risk.

And here's more food for thought. Suppose you lost your mental capacity? What would you do if, as the result of illness, accident or ageing you become incapable of managing your affairs and business?

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides ways in which:

  • People can plan ahead for a time when they may lack mental capacity.
  • Decisions can be made on behalf of people who lack mental capacity.

Although existing Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) created before the end of September 2007 remain valid, they only cover your property and affairs. Lasting Powers of Attorney (available since October 2007) provide cover for your personal welfare and medical treatment in addition to cover for your propertyand affairs.

Legally known as an Advance Decision, a Living Will enables you to plan ahead should become so ill or severely incapacitated that you are unable to express your wishes regarding the type of treatment you wish to receive or to refuse. Besides expressing your wishes, you can also nominate the people (normally your closest family or friends) who must be consulted by your medical team in uncertain situations before any decision is made on your behalf about further treatment.

In many cases, a Living Will may be preferable to a personal welfare LPA.

To discuss your own circumstances with us please call our office on: 

0800 6342 111

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There are many different styles of pensions schemes available in the UK and they all have their part to play in Corporate Financial Planning as each is governed by slightly different rules on staff eligibility, funding limits, investment options....



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