Written by Malcolm Clarke

Well lets first start by saying here at Simpson FS we don’t sell parachutes, but in a way we do.

Let me explain.

I personally use this analogy when explain protection insurance to my clients.

Imagine you are on an aircraft and it’s crashing - you want to be the one with the parachute and ideally the best one you can lay your hands on too!

What I mean by this is that should anything happen to you, during the term of your mortgage then we need to make sure you have a protection policy in force that takes care of the mortgage for you so you are left with the home and not the loan if anything happens.

What do I mean by ‘if anything happens’?

Well three main areas really, death during the term of your mortgage, diagnosis of a defined critical illness such as a stroke or certain kinds of cancers / heart attacks and the one everyone is currently focused on - losing your income.

These possible occurrences are the reason why we try to look at providing you with a quote, not only for a mortgage that meets your needs and requirements but include in our recommendations a way to keep you in your home should the unthinkable happen. This way you can protect your assets and protect your loved ones.

We take the time to establish with you an overall budget that is affordable for you. Then, with that budget agreed and established, show you a mortgage product, a protection analysis and a building and contents quote too – a bit of a one-stop solution shop really.

If you do not have this valuable protection in place, then there is a way to put it in place now - even after your mortgage has started, but the longer you leave it the more expensive it will be. If you want to have a chat with us about this, call 0800 6342 111 and ask for Malcolm or Kamal.

Most income protection policy providers have already removed unemployment cover from any new policies being applied for leaving accident and sickness the only two areas that could possibly be covered and even this may change in view of the current Covid-19 situation.

The only client who doesn’t need this protection in my humble opinion - wears his underpants on the outside of his trousers and has a big ‘S’ on his shirt and doesn’t like little green glowing rocks from Krypton.

Get your parachute sorted, so that you’re always prepared and protected.