By Rob Simpson


Having a personal financial plan is an empowering experience and the consultation we take you through to produce your personal financial plan will excite you, motivate you and give you peace of mind.   

What happens?

We start with discussing your over the short, medium and long term.  What are you trying to achieve? When do you want to get there? And where are you currently at?

This helps us establish how close and achievable your goalsand objectives are from a financial point of view, where the gaps are, what the risks are of not making it are and what you could do to improve the chances of your plans for the futurefalling perfectly into place.

We usually model different scenarios and approaches with you and let you see the impact of these alternatives.  This allows you to understand more thoroughly the implications of taking a course of action before you do.

Your personal financial plan

When presenting you with your personal financial plan for the first time, we take time to walk you through all aspects of your financial plan starting with the cash flow which looks at your current and potential income along with current and anticipate expenditure to make sure everything is affordable.

Then it’s on to your current and future assets which are the part of the power behind your financial security and of course any current and future liabilities.  If your plan is also supported by your earned income, we consider you to be an equally important powerful asset supporting your financial plan.  We look at how best to protect your assets, so your financial plans aren’t disrupted.

We also show you what your estate might look like when your time comes to an end and how this wealth will be distributed in accordance of your Will.

Tax plays a big part in all areas of financial planning and we look to demonstrate which tax allowances you should be taking advantage and what positive improvements they can have on your overall financial future.

The reporting

Our personal financial planning reporting makes several future financial assumptions on matters such as interest rates, inflation and investment returns.  We stress test your financial plan by incorporating factors like periodic investment falls in value or living much longer than the normal life expectancy.   This makes our financial planning more realistic and less “Blue Sky” thinking.

What makes us different?

When presenting your financial plan, we use the latest technology to reveal to you the first showing of your plan and we display it on “the big screen” at our offices.  This can be a very interactive meeting and if you have never seen your financial plan before It is quite normal to want to revisit your initial goals and aspirations before taking some time to consider your financial future along with our advice and any recommendations before committing to your plan.

Of course, plans change so it is important to regularly review your plan and we would advise this is a yearly exercise unless you have a new big life decision to make in which case you should review your plan with us based on this possible new direction in your planning so you can see the short, medium and long term implications of the change…before you make it. 

How we can help

Financial planning is both an art and a science and if you are ready to start planning your future then please get in touch with us to arrange your free initial consultation with one of our financial planning experts and see how financial planning will change your life.

Call us on 0800 6342 111 or email us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a date and time.

For the time being, all consultations are available online. We will update you when this changes.