Whether you are an individual or a business you might have approached your bank or building society for a loan. I too have been here and felt the pressure applied by their financial adviser to take the various insurances on offer in order to secure the much needed borrowing.

Now, with my 11 years as an Independent Financial Adviser, I can appreciate the importance of having those insurances. What I cannot tolerate is how much I was overcharged for the insurance policies. Fortunately, I addressed this 11 years ago and have been paying less for my insurance ever since.

This is because Independent Financial Advisers have access to the whole market and some insurance is bought purely on price. Life cover, for example, pays out a lump sum if you die. No grey areas here. Other insurance like private medical insurance is a little different due to the various benefit levels insurers offer.

If you have bought your insurance from the bank then I am 99% sure that we can offer you the same cover for a lower premium or better benefits for the same price. Why don’t you contact us now and see how we can improve your own circumstances.