We are starting to see a increasing number of Employers realise the scale and complexity of dealing with the new Auto Enrolment legislation and while you can deal with it yourself the Nine Guides from The Pension Regulator is enough to put off even the most competent of firms.

At Simpson Financial Services we have been planning and preparing for this for over 4 years and are able to offer a full advisory service to Employers which will mean that you are able to deal with the rules compliantly and maintain your reputation with your staff as a quality Employer. We can help you in the following areas:

Find out your staging date

Review your current pension scheme(s)

Assess your workforce

Model different ways to comply with the Auto Enrolment Rules

Design a new pension scheme or amend your existing pension scheme

Create an Auto Enrolment Implementation Plan

Implement the changes required

Engage with your workers and deal with employee communications

Make sure your record keeping is compliant

Provide ongoing governance and advice

There is a lot to do and time is running out. If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you then please call the office on 0845 0179 578 and ask to speak to Rob Simpson who is the pensions expert.