On Thursday 7th September 2017 our later life financial adviser Edwina Hudson was invited to visit Highmarket House, a beautiful new residential and nursing home in Banbury. As the UK’s elderly population continues to grow there is an ever increasing demand for nursing homes just like this.


To celebrate the opening of this new home the management invited local professionals to a tour of the home and to take part in a fun wine-tasting competition. All the staff were very friendly and professional and the guests enjoyed the very generous hospitality.

There is also an increasing demand for high quality independent financial advice and Edwina is well positioned to meet this demand with her status as a regulated financial adviser who has specialised in providing financial advice to the elderly which is recognised by her membership with the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).

When advising new prospective clients on how to meet their care home fee costs Edwina carries out a full financial analysis of their current financial circumstances and looks at a variety of suitable ways to generate any additional income required along with giving consideration to immediate care annuities.

If you are responsible for a relative or friend who wishes to understand more about how to pay for a care home then please contact Edwina Hudson in confidence for a free initial consultation on 0800 6342 111.