The Telephone Saver (Issue 1) from BM Savings offers an attractive rate of interest, currently, 2.75% gross/AER (variable) for the yearly optionor 2.72% gross/2.75% AER for the monthly option and gives you easy access to your money by telephone 24/7.

The accounts operate as straightforward personal savings accounts with no notice required for withdrawals from your savings. Here are some of the additional features offered;

TelephoneSaver (Issue 1)

  • Save any sum from £1,000 to £1 million (£2 million for joint accounts)
  • No hidden costs or charges
  • Easy access to savings
  • Joint account holders will each have their own set of passwords so they can each run the account. Interest is variable, calculated daily and is paid either yearly or monthly. Interest can be paid to the account, to another BM Savings account or paid to another UK bank or building society account that accepts Faster Payments.

For more information and how to apply, please contact Rob Simpson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 0845 0179 578.

Whilst UK Banks continue to profiteer from their Business and Corporate clients by offering a minuscule rate of interest for deposits and excessive rates for borrowing isn’t it time you sought independent advice from us on your cash deposit options.

It is a common mistake to think that a business can only have its banking facilities with one Bank. Your business can have as many accounts with as many different banks as you like. You need to decide what the cash in your business is to be used for before deciding on which type, or combination of types, is going to work best for your business.

Santander are currently offering up to 2% gross but this is subject to many terms and conditions that could make it not so attractive.

This is where our expertise comes into play and why you should be talking to us now so that you can make sure your business cash deposits are working for you.

With the level of interest you earn falling on cash savings accounts with bank and building societies by about 75% you might be facing the prospect of not enough income to meet you expenditure. Of course, you could cut back on what you spend or even start using some of the capital but how long are you prepared to do this for?

In the world of investments, the more you want and the quicker you want it the more riskier the scheme tends to be. We are not talking about 100% return/100% loss on the spin of a roulette wheel though.

By careful analysis of your income requirements and the level of risk you would be comfortable with (non, minimal, minimal to low, low, low to medium, medium etc.) We can carefully advise you on both the most suitable style of investments scheme (ISA, Bond, OEIC, Unit Trust) and the most suitable underlying asset classes (Gilts, Fixed Interest, Corporate Bond, Equities etc.)

We have many years of experience in the area of investing for income and a number of satisfied clients. If you would like to discuss you requirements with us then please contact us for a free initial consultation.

With all the turmoil surrounding banks and their savers at the moment, finding a safe place for your cash deposits is becoming more of an art. No, we are not recommending the “under the mattress fund” for your money. We haven’t suggested that since the Millennium Bug scare.

Currently up to £35,000 of you savings is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is a bona fide scheme and we pay into it each year. It is also the scheme which is helping bail out Bradford and Bingley so I guess our contribution next year may be a little higher.

We have now received confirmation that all Post Office accounts are secure up to 100,000 Euros. This is because the Post Office falls under the Irish Deposit Protection Scheme.

If you wish to know more about investing your cash in The Post Office, or any other institution offering a higher level of protection then please contact us now.