So what really are the benefits of offering this scheme to your staff? Well, if they are already paying for it themselves (and they haven’t had a string of claims) they will jump at the chance to let you, the Employer, pay the premiums for them.

But it must be more than that. From the Employer’s point of view it does help with absence management. Rather than having the member of staff off work whilst undergoing sporadic treatment from the NHS they are treated, probably by the same consultant, but in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. This should lead to the speedy return to work of a fit, well and motivated employee.

It also increases time management. I’m sure we’ve all waited in the NHS waiting room for hours on end. Even those of us who have arrived early in the hope of a quick consultation and then back to the office. It doesn’t happen! Private Medical Insurance allows the patient to dictate the time of the treatment to fit in with their busy work schedule.

And of course the member of staff. In the event of an illness or injury which needs treatment, the sooner that the treatment starts the quicker the potential recovery. They in turn should feel gratitude to their employer who has gone that extra yard to care for it’s employees.

There are many different types of Private Medical Insurance Schemes to cater for all different business types and sizes. Indeed, there are many different providers of the insurance such as BUPA, Norwich Union Healthcare, AXA PPP Healthcare etc. As professional advisers, Simpson Financial Services works with you to ensure that you get the most appropriate scheme for your business.

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