There has never been a more important time to be on top of your finances than now. The uncertainty of the past 12 months or so has given the entire world a shake up, and we all know that a testing time lies ahead whilst we recover from the COVID fall out in one way or another. So, perhaps now is also the time for you to start considering seeking guidance around your own finances, to ensure you and your family are secure, and you can survive financially if, God forbid, anything similar were to happen again. Here, I am going to talk through how to find the right financial adviser, and why it is important to find a service which suits your individual circumstances, what to look for and what to expect from a reputable financial adviser, and why Simpson Financial Services could fit the bill and guide your financial planning securely into the future.

Know, like, and trust!

As with anything in life, when you find the right fit, the right person or team of people to work with, it feels incredible. But to do so, it comes down to three simple things: to be able to know, to like, and to trust.

Chances are, if you are wondering how to find the right financial adviser, and starting from scratch, you won’t know them at all. You won't know what to look out for, and you won't know what to expect. And this is where the fun starts.


Think about who has been recommended to you? Can you ask friends, family, or colleagues who they have used, where they started their search, and which financial experts helped them out when they were in the same situation as you are now?

It is worth taking the time to do your research in and around your local area. Word of mouth is an amazing source of comfort if you don’t know where to start from. Many of our clients have come to us from recommendations or having seen our customer testimonials.

Our clients appreciate the time we take in getting to know them and understanding their goals. We then become a partnership, working alongside each other for many years.

Being in the same geographical area is not quite so important now, because with the huge changes the pandemic brought with it and the upsurge in the use of technology worldwide, we are all much more comfortable sitting through virtual meetings now. So, although it is always great to be able to meet face to face, distance need not be an issue.

From our base here in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, our team of Independent Financial Advisers can work with you virtually or in person, and we will still bring the best in financial products, updates, and planning to you.

The Experts

Efficient and reliable financial advice is something that comes with years of knowledge and experience. Being able to trust your financial adviser is crucial. Afterall, your money is literally in our hands. You need to be comfortable with us and know that we have your best interests at heart. Not just now, or when we first come on board, but as an ongoing service. Afterall, your circumstances can change just as rapidly as we saw the pandemic take over.

Whilst there may be new financial advisers who have appeared within the last couple of years and seem to have all the credentials (I don’t doubt they do), be sure to research who has been in business for longer than that. Look at websites and customer feedback. Is it a one-man band, and if so will they be available when you need them? Or is there a team of people working together? Do they cover all areas of financial advice and offer all the products that you are hoping to gain?

Appreciate the risks

Part of trusting your financial adviser means you learn to confidently view your finances from an all-round perspective. If you only ever hear the positives, talking about how much you could make from certain investments, and how your ‘pot’ is guaranteed to increase over time, this should be a red flag.

A reputable Independent Financial Adviser will always assess the risks, and ensure you are aware of them too. Understanding your attitude to risk, and the level of risk you are happy with, and can afford to take, is also an important part of your overall financial planning.

Along with its benefits, every investment bears a potential risk. Which is why it is so important to look at your financials holistically. Yes, we break them down to the most appropriate individual products for you, but we assess your entire financial portfolio when considering your financial planning journey.

Your financial planning journey

Starting out with a new financial adviser

When considering how to find the right financial adviser to suit your individual circumstances, it takes time to get to know, and to be able to tell, whether they are right for you. It can also be a daunting thought, discussing personal and financial information for the first time. And it may surprise you how much detail is required. Remember, this is for your longer-term benefit though, and we are experienced in this area of our work. If it feels right, then all systems go!

Your goals will be assessed, and using a cash flow modelling technique, your adviser will be able to show you how or if you can afford to achieve your goals. If not, they should help you realign and re-evaluate the most important ones with clearer focus and an action plan.

Nothing in life is free

Another aspect of financial advice that any trustworthy business will make clear from the outset, is the fee structure. This is something that could impact your choice of products.

We ensure you are crystal clear on how our pricing structure is applied, all as part of our initial discussions. It could be that you are looking for a one-off financial assessment, or else we could be building a long-term business relationship with you that involves regular reviews. Pricing could be based on a one off fee for a specific piece of work, a monthly fee, an hourly rate, or an ongoing fee.

However, we treat all our clients with the same level of respect and importance, no matter what route is taken.

Change is guaranteed

As I mentioned earlier, we appreciate how your personal and financial circumstances can change in an instant, and by getting to know our clients, we can be ready to make changes accordingly. This goes towards building that trust.

COVID for instance has increased the expendable income for some, whilst massively reduced it for others. The initial fall of the FTSE and stock markets created a sudden impact, which is just starting to see signs of recovery.

Nobody saw what was coming, but we have already helped many of our clients because we not only knew their financial goals when we started to work with them; at times like these, we also remembered them. Where some have been able to increase their pension contributions, savings and investments, we have been able to guide them to the most appropriate financial products. Others have had to cut back and realign their outgoings and savings plans.

Life is full of ups and downs, the last year being like nothing we have experienced before and extreme in so many ways. But a dependable financial adviser will be with you for life if that is what you need.

The journey continues

No matter what age, work circumstances, or domestic situation you are in now, we know you will need guidance in the future, and we follow you along your journey – your first savings account, through your education, your first mortgage, raising a family, school fees, pension planning and onto retirement.

Once you have found the right financial adviser, you can sit back and enjoy whatever stage of life you are going through, because with ongoing monitoring and reviewing of your portfolio, you know your money is safe in their hands!

Why choose Simpson Financial Services?   

From understanding your cashflow, to the impact of Capital Gains Tax, investments to Inheritance Tax, our friendly team of Independent Financial Advisers are here to answer all your questions.

With many years of experience, there is a wealth (pardon the pun) of specialist knowledge and understanding on hand for every area of your financial planning – personal investments, retirement planning and care home fees, mortgages, and school fees and much more besides.

Could you do it yourself? Yes, if you have the self-discipline, will be brutally honest with yourself, and have the time, energy and knowledge to apply. What we often find though when it comes to comparing a 'DIY' financial assessment against a professional financial review, is that our clients have let things slip through the net, the focus is on the dream rather than actions, and they can only see what needs to be done and not how it can be achieved, or alternative ways of reaching the same end goal.

It is worth seeking guidance from the start for a more realistic financial plan. And that is why we are here.    

You could be looking for assistance in the future, or perhaps you are ready to make the call today. Either way, I hope you have enjoyed our guide on how to find the right financial adviser, and I know that we have a perfect mix of personalities and skills here at Simpson Financial Services to cover all your financial requirements, so we look forward to hearing your plans, and working through them together.