After a shutdown of the housing market for the last 6-8 weeks, the Government has announced that viewings, house moves, and property valuations can recommence but with added social distancing measures.

No doubt this might make you feel nervous, but fear not brave people, the property market has the matter well in hand and will figure it all out in quick time and if you are selling a property the estate agent will run through what it is you will need to do to get your property on the market and how viewings will happen. So be prepared to adjourn to a safe space whilst prospective buyers visit your property with a view to buying it.

Estate agents’ offices can re-open along with new development show homes as well again conditional on them initiating acceptable social distancing measures.

Surveyors (the people who turn up to value properties on behalf of the lenders) and removal companies are among professions allowed out again too.

Surveyors reckon that there is about 2 months back log of physical valuations that they have to catch up on so expect the process of securing a mortgage offer to take a little longer than usual if you are applying for a mortgage now or have been on hold awaiting a valuation for a mortgage application already submitted to your lender.

If you believe the Government, over 450,000 buyers, renters and sellers have had to put things on hold since March – we are now in May and all are ready and eager to get moving (excuse the pun!)

So, how’s it all going to work then?

Well estate agents as I mentioned earlier are able to visit properties to take details and photographs in order to put together a marketing package to get your property out there on the market for people to find.

Prospective buyers will begin their property search online so getting onto as many property portals is key when you are selling your property.

When prospective buyers find your property, they will be encouraged to only view it in the real world if they are serious about buying it.

You will be expected to follow social distancing rules and may be required to wear PPE but the estate agent will guide you and instruct you every step of the way so make sure you comply with any additional viewing requirements that are asked of you for obvious reasons.

But before you can even get to a physical viewing of the property you fancy buying, estate agents will more than likely require that you are’ pre-qualified’ and have the means to buy the property / make a serious offer if you want to view and so you will need proof you can actually afford what you are going to view.

That’s where Simpson Financial Services come in.

We work with banks, building societies and centralised lenders and can apply for something called a Decision In Principle (DIP). It’s a bit like a mortgage in waiting really, sometimes its known as Acceptance In Principle (AIP) or a Mortgage In Principle (MIP) – they all mean the same thing.

The lender has agreed (In Principle) to lend you the money you need to buy a property, what they (and you) at this point don’t know, is which property that will be so having a DIP is a real ace up your sleeve and could get you into view a property before someone else who isn’t prepared as much as you are.

In order to give yourself the best chance get prepared and contact us for an initial chat and let’s get that Dip for you so you can be as ready as you can be to get into the process of finding your new home – we don’t charge for a chat and we will even provide your DIP as part of our service as well.

In fact, you won’t pay us anything until we actually apply to a lender for a specific mortgage product related to a specific property so you really don’t have to spend a bean until you have an offer accepted.

But do remember – the virus is STILL out there so stay safe and lest be alert to what’s going on around us.