With over two thirds of Universities declaring that they will be charging the full £9,000 per year for student education in September reports are already coming in that many college leavers are considering ending their education now rather than saddling themselves with the huge debt. This will come as a great concern for many parents of college kids who had not financially planned for the massive hike in university fees and may be inclined to pay for the fees by borrowing the money themselves.

Graduation tradition

Those parents that have younger children at least have a little time on their side to plan ahead for this cost. But how much should you save? Welcome to our new School and University Fee Calculator. It is free for you to use and you can use it to work out how much money you need to save each month to have a pay for future School and University fees in the future.

In order to work out how much you should be saving each month for your childrens education cost you will need to make an assumption about what interest rate/investment return you are likely to acheive. Make sure you are realistic about this. For instance, if you are going to be saving in a cash saving account then you should be assuming a return of about 3% per annum gross. If you are investing in something else then you need to adjust your assumed investment return accordingly.

If you have worked out the monthly saving and would like the benefit of independent financial advice about the most appropriate savings vehicle for you then please do not hesitate to call me on 0845 0179 578 or contact us through your preferred channel.

Enjoy the new calculator and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Rob Simpson

Managing Director

The results of a new survey into Green Investing have been released today by the EDHEC Institute.

Asset allocation takes a vital role in the building of an investment portfolio but what effect does Green Investing have on it. Often this type of fund has a higher risk in its own right due to the nature of the companies it can invest in. Exchanging you FTSE100 tracker for this type of investment could push the risk of your entire portfolio out of kilter with your appetite for investment risk.

You can download a copy of the survey results here EDHEC_Publication_Adoption_of_green_investing

Even more detailed is which type of fund or funds is right for you. There are funds investing in companies whose objectives are to improve the overall environmental issue but there are also funds which invest in companies which promise to do no harm.

If you are interested in investing in ethical funds or wish to learn more please contact us.

The Financial Services Authority has produced a series of excellent guides to help UK consumers with their financial decision making. The guides, under the general heading of “Money Made Clear” are designed to be jargon free.

I have read through all of the guides and think they are very useful for both new and existing clients of ours to read through prior to receiving our professional advice. They will hopefully give you a general understanding of the issues surrounding the area of your finances which you need guidance and advice on.

Like most publicatioins they can quickly fall behind with the pace of legislative changes and product provider innovation so, even now, one of the guides misses a whole section on further alternatives to purchasing an annuity.

I don’t think the FSA ever intended these free guides to be a replacement to solid advice so please call us with your specific enquiry