The style, content, quality and presentation of personal financial plans varies immensely from financial adviser to financial adviser. So how do you dare to part with your money to enable your financial adviser to produce your initial report?

Well, quite often, financial adviser firms like mine will offer new clients a free initial meeting. This allows you to meet with your potential adviser to see if you could enjoy a long term advisory relationship with them. The meeting will also allow the adviser to understand what your financial goals and objectives are along with a summary of your current financial position.

During this initial meeting there is lot of information for you to take on board as you find out about the firm, it’s services, what the services cost, the adviser experience, qualifications and so on. You should also ask them what their personal financial plans look like. Is it a “one size fits all” or is it bespoke to your own circumstances. After all, this could be the most important piece of work you have ever paid to be done.

Here’s what ours look like for a typical family that you may have heard of before.

Homer & Marge Financial Plan

Our costs for preparing your initial report start from £500 depending upon the complexity of your current financial circumstances so please contact us if you would like an accurate estimate and would like to book your free initial consultation.