We are all look for valuations on our investments and assets and pricing any residential property has been difficult of late as valuations have been falling. However, there do seem to be signs that the valuations have reached a point where they are now acceptable to buyers and investors with cash to hand.

Firstly, one of the most high-profile luxury developments in the UK is to be taken over in a deal worth less than a third of what Icelandic bank Kaupthing paid when it teamed up with property developers Nick and Christian Candy three years ago. The control of the Noho Square scheme in London’s West End is to be acquired by Stanhope, the property company run by David Camp and backed by entrepreneur Ian Laing.

Secondly, Rightmove yesterday said there were early signs of a recovery in the market with the return of near- record volumes of traffic among would-be house buyers monitoring the falling market.

So, is this now the time to buy? We don’t have a crystal ball to help you with this decision on timing but you should be confident that the property you buy now will have cost you about 25% more 2 years ago.

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