We are delighted to announce the arrival of Mary McHugh to our firm. Mary joins us from Coventry University where she was awarded the degree BA Business & Finance with Honours 1st class.

Mary’s dissertation was entitled “The Efficient Market Hypothesis, Behavioural Finance and Stock Market Anomalies” which aligns very well with many aspects of our financial planning business such as our wealth management advice, investment risk profiling and the new rules on Auto Enrolment Pensions.

In addition, Mary undertook a piece of independent research examining the effect of “sports sentiment” on the stock market and was awarded a 1st for her coursework entitled “Controversies, Options and Potential Outcomes of the Current Pension Issues in the UK”

We asked Mary about what she gained from her educational experiences that she would bring to Simpson Financial Services

“Studying for my degree not only provided me with a thorough grounding in financial theory, financial services and business strategy, but also developed proficient time management and prioritisation, research, problem solving and analytical skills.”

We are sure Mary will be an outstanding addition to the team here at Simpson Financial Services.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Neil Dawkins to our ranks as our Independent Mortgage Consultant.

Neil has had many years financial services experience with some of the heavyweights of the life and pensions industry and brings his professional and friendly style to the world of mortgage advice. He holds the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Mortgage Advice Certificate and their Financial Planning Certificate.

For the last 9 years Neil has been advising on residential and commercial mortgage and now brings that wealth of knowledge to Simpson Financial Services.

If you would like to talk to Neil about how to finance the purchase your next home, pay your mortgage off early, buy new business premises or any other mortgage related query then please call him at the office on 0845 0179 578.

We are delighted to announce that Edwina Hudson, our later life financial adviser, has been accepted into the Society of Late Life Advisers (SOLLA) as an associate member.

SOLLA aims to assist consumers and their families in finding trusted accredited financial advisers who, understand financial needs in Later Life.

Now more than ever what is needed is not simply a well qualified financial adviser but somebody who you feel you can rely upon to understand the plans you need to make for your retirement years and the complexities of the many decisions you may need to face when looking at issues such as care funding matters SOLLA links you with an adviser who can help you find solutions that work for you and where they are involved, your family too.

Financial advice should take you to the stage where you can make clear and informed decisions, happy in the knowledge that you had all the information and choices you needed to reach those decisions.

The Society is dedicated to linking those who need advice to accredited Later Life Advisers who can advise on:

Equity release

Long term and respite care options


Investments and savings

Tax planning (IHT)

Later Life Advisers specialise in the financial needs of older people. Professional qualifications whilst essential are unlikely to give the full picture of an adviser expertise. Those advisers who have taken the further steps to become independently accredited can offer the added reassurance that they offer the practical help and guidance needed to make the right decisions at the right time. Why would anyone choose an adviser with anything less?

The Later Life Adviser Accreditation Scheme is audited and endorsed by the standard-setting body the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) and was developed in collaboration with the specialist financial services consultancy SVARfair.

If you or a relative are concerned about your later life fi





It takes 5-6 minutes to get your own personal prioritised action plan to help you make the most of your money

Simpson Financial Services and the Money Advice Service are working together to help members of the public with their money matters.

The health check is the latest in a series of tools from the Money Advice Service to help everyone manage their money as effectively as possible

Please click here or above to do your health check

We would particularly recommend you do this if you prior to your next meeting with us or if you haven’t seen us in the last 12 months. We know how useful it is because we’ve used it ourselves.

Of course, there are a number of ways to finance divorce when you and your spouse are both in retirement but their are some options are not open to you because of your age. However, your age can also work for you and open up other routes to sort out your financial settlement. This week I asked our Later Life Adviser, Edwina Hudson, for an example of where she can help couples seeking divorce to consider their options.

Case Study

Following his divorce, Robin, 71, who lives in Gloucestershire, looked at a number of options in terms of financing the split from his ex-wife. He researched the equity release option and chose to take out a Bridgewater Maximum Release Plan.

Robin’s reversion plan completed in January 2008 and he immediately used the money he released to pay off his ex-wife’s share of the property as part of their divorce settlement.

Robin acknowledges the decision to opt for the home reversion plan was a difficult one to make however he now regards it as the best one for him and the outcome was successful. Robin lives in a cottage and he wanted to ensure that he could stay in his home for as long as he wished. The plan enabled him to free up the stored equity in order to meet his own responsibilities following the divorce settlement.

Robin does not have any dependants therefore the issue of inheritance was not a major consideration. With his ex-wife now paid in full, Robin says he is looking forward to continuing his life at the cottage he loves where he intends to spend the rest of his days.

Of course, this kind of outcome is not suitable for everyone and our advice is based on each persons individual circumstances. If you are in over age 55 and want to ensure that yuo are considering all the options available to you then please call us in confidence on 0845 0179 578.

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Edwina Hudson to the ranks of specialist advisers at Simpson Financial Services. Edwina is a Later Life Adviser and she has joined us to provide independent financial advice in the areas of Equity Release and Long Term Care.

Edwina is able to work directly with you as the person actually requiring advice in these areas or you may be appointed by Power of Attorney to be responsible for a relatives financial well being.

Importantly, Edwina has over 10 years experience as an Independent Financial Adviser. She holds the Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma in Financial Planning and the Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate in Mortgage Advice, Equity Release and Long Term Care.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Edwina then please call her at the office on 0845 0179 578. Your initial consultation is always free of charge.

We appreciate that a number of visitors to our website are not just our existing clients but are also new visitors considering taking financial advice from us or just searching for advice on a specific topic in relation to their future financial planning.

Well look no further!

We have produced over 20 financial fact sheets for you to view and download.

If you are still researching then save the fact sheet on your computer or print it out. Each sheet has our contact details so you’ll remember who to contact when your ready.

The Financial Factsheets cover a whole range of areas where you might need our independent financial advice. Here is a list of all the different titles:

Building a Bigger Pension

Business Protection

Buying an Annuity

Critical Illness

Estate Planning

Financial Independence

Financial Protection

Income Protection

Investment Risk

Life Assurance

Long-Term Care

Making a Will

Pension Rule Opportunities

Personal Pensions

Planning for Retirement

Retirement income

Retirement Options

Savings Trust

Term Assurance

Transferring your Pension

Wealth Creation

Wealth Protection


Last night Simpson Financial Services joined up with Pentlands Business & Tax Advisers, De Marco Hunter Solicitors and many other charity raisers to bare our feet for a good cause. Walking over hot coals that weighed in at an impressive 500 degrees centigrade reminded me of how comfortable my desk really is. Myself, Natasha Phillips and Lisa Simpson all braved the heat….in fact it was so good we all then did it again.

Between the three of us only one had a blister (unfortunately that was me) but lots of money was raised for good causes and I am wondering what our next office challenge might be. Rob Simpson

The end of the current tax year is 5th April so I am writing to suggest we examine how to best utilise your tax free allowance.

The End of The Tax Year

Remember, if you don’t use this year’s ISA allowance it will be lost.

With interest rates remaining at an all time low it appears Cash ISA holders might be waiting a while for a return to pre-recession rates. The Cash ISA limit is £5,100 with Stocks and Share ISAs allowing up to £10,200 to be invested. Stocks and Share ISAs continue to be very popular and there is now a wide variety available.

Nevertheless with investors worried about stock market volatility and low cash rates many are looking for advice on how to meet their investment goals.

What is the right strategy?

Many investors are choosing to invest in risk-rated fund of funds solutions, designed to keep their investments on target to meet their attitude to risk (the amount of potential loss you are willing to accept in order to achieve potential investment growth) throughout the lifetime of the investment.

At Simpson Financial Services our investment process is designed to do just that. We use a simple risk analysis process designed by leading independent research companies to help identify your individual attitude to risk enabling us to select investments specifically designed to match your risk appetite.

You can contact me on 0845 0179 578 to discuss this in further detail.

I look forward to hearing from you. Rob Simpson Managing Director

The government is hoping that self-employment opportunities can be a viable route to financial independence and possible creation of jobs within an entrepreneurial environment.

Under their ‘Big Society’ agenda, local businesses and community led supporters will start & manage Enterprise Clubs, increasing information & knowledge to its participants, building their confidence and increasing their chances of establishing a successful business.

One of only two areas within UK, Coventry & Warwickshire have been selected to trial the first few events.

The pilot event took place on Thursday 17th February 2011 at the WEETEC in Willenhall, Coventry and Rob Simpson, Managing Director of Simpson Financial Services, volunteered a few hours of his time to assist with an informal workshop, made up of local delegates, all interested in starting their own business.

Rob was responsible for the advice surrounding Access To Finance (no small challenge in the current economical environment) and this was delivered to breakout groups of delegates.

When asked about the event Rob said, “It was a few hours of mine and the other volunteers time given to an important movement in our society. However, I think the most pleasing aspect of the entire event was the number of talented delegates who are looking to enter the arena of self employment and I am sure many of them will succeed.”

On Friday the 28th January 2011 staff from Simpson Financial Services attended the Insurance Institute of Coventry’s annual dinner. The event was held at the Coventry Hilton and was hosted by the President, Carolyn Marshall ACII.

Insurance Institute Of Coventry Young Achiever of the Year 2010

It was a fabulous evening with some excellent guest speakers but for us the highlight of the evening for us was the announcement of the winner of the Institute’s Young Achiever of The Year Award which went to one of our own staff, Natasha Phillips.

When asked about the award Natasha said, “I was surprised to win the award but it is fabulous to be recognised by your own professional body. It will certainly keep me focused on my continuing development as a professional business woman.”

Natasha Phillips is a director at Simpson Financial Services and has been with the company since 2005. She is responsible for independent advice in relation to all aspects of lending including residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, equity release, additional borrowing and the associated and relevant insurances.

Well done Natasha. We all think you deserve this for all those hours of work and private study.

Every two months we publish our personal finance magazine which you can download for free here. 
Just provide us with your email address and we will keep you regularly updated on all the major issues which affect your money with our hints and tips to try to gain the best advantage of them. Do please give a working email address so we can send you our annual post budget guide too.

Should any of the articles interest you then we are at hand to provide you with our independent financial advice specific to your own personal circumstances. This advice would be subject to normal client terms and begin with your free initial consultation.

The style, content, quality and presentation of personal financial plans varies immensely from financial adviser to financial adviser. So how do you dare to part with your money to enable your financial adviser to produce your initial report?

Well, quite often, financial adviser firms like mine will offer new clients a free initial meeting. This allows you to meet with your potential adviser to see if you could enjoy a long term advisory relationship with them. The meeting will also allow the adviser to understand what your financial goals and objectives are along with a summary of your current financial position.

During this initial meeting there is lot of information for you to take on board as you find out about the firm, it’s services, what the services cost, the adviser experience, qualifications and so on. You should also ask them what their personal financial plans look like. Is it a “one size fits all” or is it bespoke to your own circumstances. After all, this could be the most important piece of work you have ever paid to be done.

Here’s what ours look like for a typical family that you may have heard of before.

Homer & Marge Financial Plan

Our costs for preparing your initial report start from £500 depending upon the complexity of your current financial circumstances so please contact us if you would like an accurate estimate and would like to book your free initial consultation.

High street banks have won their appeal at the Supreme Court over unauthorised overdraft charges.

The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the seven major banks and a building society, which had challenged High Court and Court of Appeal decisions that the charges were unfair and should be subject to regulation by the Office of Fair Trading.

More follows….

It has been a tradition of pension schemes for many years that the earliest age you can get at your pension benefits is age 50. However, about 3 years ago the rules changed to increase that age to 55 but the change was not immediate. In fact, the rule change wasn’t to come into effect until the 6th April 2010. I am finding it hard to believe that this is only 7 months away now!!!

We are experiencing an increased amount of enquiries from clients and prospective clients who are able to access their pension funds now but won’t be able to do so after April 2010. They are looking at this for many reasons such as early retirement, loss of employment income, home refurbishments and starting up businesses. Are you looking to release the tax free cash from you pension fund? Are you affected by the age increase?

We can advise you on all the different ways you can receive benefits such as an annuity, open market option, phased retirement, income drawdown, 3rd way annuity, with profit annuity etc. Contact us now for more information and to book your free initial consultation.