Getting a divorce can be an extremely stressful time in your life and also a costly one too. And, if you and your “Soon Too Be Ex” are having to sell the marital home you will probably need to prove to each other what your ability to successfully apply for a new mortgage is. You will also need to prove what level of borrowing you are likely to be able to achieve. That’s why Simpson Financial Services offer a comprehensive and personalised Mortgage Capacity Assessment.

A Mortgage Capacity Assessment Report takes into account a number of constantly changing lending criteria such as:

Lending into Retirement

Interest Only Mortgages

Outstanding credit commitments

Adverse Credit

Equally as important, if you and your ex cannot agree on a financial settlement then it will be left to the court to decide. If you are asking a judge to determine what percentage of the matrimonial assets you are going to receive it would be wise to make sure that the judge knows how much money you need to be able to house yourself.

Our mortgage capacity assessments start from £85.00 and can be modelled to look at your maximum borrowing based on different outcomes of the financial settlement. To discuss your requirements please call the office today on 0845 0179 578.