Thanks to everyone who came to our Retirement Planning Seminar on Wednesday. It was great to see so many old and new faces and I think everyone managed to keep awake for the duration of the presentation. Even the part on alternatives to annuity purchase!

For those of you who completed the Investment Risk Questionnaire we will be in touch with you over the rest of this week with your results. Of course, this is only a discussion report but it is a good starting point and a little more scientific then asking if you are you a low, medium or high risk investor.

Can I also thank everyone for their feedback on the seminar. There is so much to cover on such a wide subject as retirement planning and your feedback allows us to make sure that we cover all the relevant parts in future seminars too.

I still think my most important slide is the pre-retirement planning slide covering “Where are you invested now?” and I know that most of you with pension funds aren’t 100% sure. By just spending a little time (and money) you can make sure that you are invested in the correct place in the run up to retirement and find out if any of your older pension policies are lucky enough to have guaranteed annuity rates or guaranteed investment returns hidden in the small print.

If you do have any queries about your own pre, at or post retirement planning them please feel free to contact me or book yourselves onto our next retirement planning seminar here.