With the abundance of choice, how will you make the right decisions?

With so many different protection options available, making the right decision to protect your personal and financial situation can seem overwhelming. There is a plethora of protection solutions which could help ensure that a lump sum, or a replacement income, becomes available to you in the event that it is needed.


We can make sure that you are able to take the right decisions to deliver peace of mind for you and your family in the event of death, if you are too ill to work, require care or if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Protecting your financial plan


Provides a guaranteed lump sum paid to your estate in the event of your premature death. To avoid IHT and probate delays, policies should be set up under an appropriate trust.

Level term

Provides a lump sum for your beneficiaries in the event of your death over a specified term. You choose the sum insured and the policy term, which is guaranteed at the outset and remains unchanged throughout the term.

Family income benefit

Provides a replacement income for beneficiaries on your premature death. In the event of a claim, income can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually, and under current rules the income is tax-free.

Decreasing term

Provides a lump sum in the event of your premature death to cover a reducing liability for a fixed period, such as a repayment mortgage.

Critical illness

Provides a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with suffering from one of a number of specified critical illnesses during the term. Some life assurance companies offer to cover you for both death and critical illness and will pay out the guaranteed benefit on the first event to occur.

Income Protection

Insurance that provides a percentage of your lost income caused by an illness, accident or disability. Rates vary according to the dangers associated with your occupation, age, state of health and gender.

Long-term care Insurance can be either immediate care provided when you actually need care, or pre-funded care provided in advance in case you need care in the future.

All these protection options also apply to your spouse and to those who are in civil partnerships. Choosing the right mix of financial protection for your particular situation is essential to ensure that your specific requirements are fully covered.